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DATA ANALYTICS Transform dataintoinsights that will drive your business performance.

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Make smart decisions

The use of Analytics allows enterprises to thrive in the face of accelerated technological shifts, keep up with market changes, and gain clear advantages over competitors.

We focus on improving performance management using top-tier innovative technology and designing reliable solutions to enhance data-driven decision-making.

Our Analytics team has the tools to explore your data sources and uncover actionable insights. Our services include consulting, implementation, support, and maintenance of analytics solutions. Additionally, we offer our clients a variety of training programs in several disciplines related to Analytics and BI.

We have extensive experience working with enterprises in sectors such as healthcare and financial services, which demand complex regulatory compliance and high-quality standards. This journey has prepared us to develop successful solutions in complex environments.

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Testimonial - Data Science

Higher Education Advancement Services

"As a fundraising arm of a University, we tend to manage all of our technology and data needs in-house, because we are obligated to our donors and supporters to be very fiscally responsible. But what I realized in the last ten years in my experience in Higher Education Advancement, is that we are spending more time on learning our technology and not enough of our time fulfilling our business needs.

For the last four years, I decided to engage Intermedia team to jump-start the Business Intelligence self-service initiative in the last two University Advancement shops. With so many data requests flying around in different formats across the division and from our university partners, it was almost impossible to make improvements and implement the self-service strategy with the small team we have.

With Intermedia as an extension of our team, we were able to keep doing the ad-hoc requests while they are building the self-services platform for our end-users to provide better access to insights, not just data. From one month to the next, our progress and deliverables doubled and after only 12 months we were able to launch our BI portal with almost everything that our users would ask for and we anticipated some questions that did not ask yet. Intermedia team helps us to achieve a high and consistent level of customer satisfaction. We can collaborate with them just like if they are a part of the team or even better as we have the opportunity to learn from them while they are working with us. We were also able to optimize their time better than our internal teams' because they were not so visible to our stakeholders, and they did not have to deal with the burden of participating in business requirement meetings or post-go-live support."

M. DasserHigher Education Advancement Professional, University of South Carolina


We manage security seriously

Since 2017 our information security management system (ISMS) is certified according to ISO 27001:2013 standard in all our services.

The standard verifies that our ISMS is implemented according to best practices and have clear and defined procedures for managing all aspects of security.

Certification means that our information security management system is officially externally audited and meets all the standard requirements. It brings certainty to our customers that we have a certified ability to take care of information security. We have an accredited procedure for managing information security and information security risks.

Our end-to-end solutions and services in data warehousing, big data, and analytics will enable you to become a data-driven business.

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